Saturday, May 12, 2018


Just like any other feeling, it's the one we come across often in our lives. Majority of its impact depends on how you take it. Some people aren't enough emotional intelligent. But we all understand it in our own way.

We regret about missed opportunities, unfulfilled dreams, unchased romantic affairs, etc. Nonetheless, on a personal level we often miss to show it, after all why should we be telling the world about this. We see it everywhere though. We see people and we see their regrets in their eyes. Now, it's okay to see someone disappointed by something and is regretting as those things and situations are not there anymore. But when people are disappointed by another person and they have to see that person frequently, it's very important how you show your regret to that person.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Interstellar: HiFi SciFi!

The thought of watching a movie as good as it is shown in its trailer, itself was very ecstatic. Months before its release date I was waiting for the Nolan's so called masterpiece, anxiously.
Lot of planning and plotting at work place led me to the PVR, to witness the Magnum Opus with my own eyes.
The movie opens up with huge fields in the backdrop and a small family, in some remote countryside. The mystery builds up when the dust starts coming in from no where. You just have to accept the dust and not question it's origin. Brilliantly showcased by Nolan with the help of beautifully crafted little scenes of dust storm. Our protagonist, an astronaut-farmer, gets nightmares of flight mishap, crazy as hell for anything that flies so much so that he makes his son drive his truck on a flat tire just to capture a drone who's baseless origin was stated so deliberately in the movie as if it is going to make so much sense in the end. So, the little child see ghosts which later defines the entire theme of this movie. Scary though. :P With small incidents Nolan leads the hero to NASA and our go-getter boy takes up the space mission as easily as it sounds. The very spaceship which uses two propulsion rockets to escape the Earth's gravitational force later needs none to escape planets having 130% and 80% of Earth's gravity. But Nolan managed it, brilliant.

I must admit that the real theme of the movie was carefully hidden in the plain sight by inserting far too many vague, non-related scenes in between, throughout the movie. Why there is a blight? Where is the dust coming from? Why was the family shown having issues between them? The thing worth noticing is that the Director made these distracting scenes so shallow so that you wouldn't get lost in the unwanted directions. He forced the viewers to put their mind around space and time and supernatural phenomena, that worked in the trailers and also in the movie. 

One thing I must say, I did notice the difference in passage of time in space and on Earth. Like, while these guys were on a rescue mankind mission, carrying DNAs and stuff, with the idea of raising a fetus using surrogacy whose possibility was questionable based on the evidence and plan shown in the movie. And that is for obvious reasons, Nolan wanted viewers to push their imaginations and die wondering if at all these are even possible. Coming back to time, they took two major time jump, one 2-year sleep to reach near Saturn and another 23-years leap while they landed on one of the planets of another galaxy, but, trust me, inside the theater it felt like I am trapped inside a black hole for eternity. The movie grows into you forever, you just have to give in and believe what they are showing is actually true and logical. Nolan used simple, layman terms to describe what was happening in the space, so that it will connect to the viewers instantly, He didn't care even if the dialogues were lame and were of trivial impact on the minds of the audience. 

The story telling was brilliant, Nolan showed how one can do impossible things, like even if you are low on fuel you can travel half way around the universe and get back safely, or how one can survive in the black hole by not being sucked into singularity, how to be so down-to-earth and humble that even when you are heading NASA, you can drive a man's truck back to his home, after-all he is driving your space shuttle without any questions/conditions. The entire cast was smoking pot but this fact is not revealed by anything that you will see on screen. This is an amazing fact in itself.

The characters intrigued me a lot, like the Dr. Mann who was trapped in some remote planet for decades and have contributed a lot towards mankind had such low moral values that he spiked the recorded data and enters into a fist fight with another guy, halfway across the universe, that too for weirdly stupid reason. The never dying love which was pulling our leading lady in the movie, to travel to a planet, going where would be futile according to facts and logic and science. But, Love makes people do amazing things, no? Also, the way they showed how a crisis can be managed in deep space. Without logic, science and a plan they mnaged to do shitty things in some far off galaxy with utmost ease.  Respect the vision Nolan had while putting this shit together. My fav scene was when they kept a guy hanging in the universe for 23 years and he was like 'it's cool yo brah, happens to me all the time'.

Fist fights in some remote planet of the universe, managing blasts in absense of oxygen, surviving without medical help or food, people managing to take up deep space exploration without proper training, and shit more like these will totally blow your mind. This movie is a greatest sci-fi comedy troll you'll ever come across. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch now. If you like it, visit the nearest psychiatric ward without delay. Have fun. 

P.S. Couldn't write more at this time, might have to watch this brilliant shit again for some more insight.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I am !!

I think I am what you think I am.

When you thought I am a friend, I was.
When you thought I am happy, I became.
When you said I am no good, I worsen.
When you said I am the best, I was better.

I was quiet when you wanted me to.
I was there when you needed a support.
I left when you thought I would.
I came back just when you thought I should.